Pet Tech

Pet Tech

Pet Tech Training

CPR/First Aid (1 single 8 hour class) - $129

You never know when or where an emergency will occur. Sandy 'Pawz' Tate is a certified instructor for Pet Tec's industry leading course. This course will teach you the skills to wrap up a bleeding paw, help a choking dog and most emergencies in between.

First Aid Care (1 single 4 hour class) - $69

In this course you will learn more pro-active pet care techniques to better identify when there is a problem. From checking your dog's teeth, setting a splint for an injured pet, and more.

Pet Tech Seminars (All 1 Hour Seminars) - $30

Dental Care

Learn about your pet's dental health and how to clean his/her teeth.

Senior Pets Class

Caring for a senior pet is different than caring for a puppy. Learn about caring for your furry senior citizen and things to watch for regarding health.

Knowing Your Pets Health

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." In this seminar you'll learn to assess your healthy pet so you are more able to detect when there is a problem.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies happen. Be ready for them. Learn what to do now so you and your dog are ready for anything.

Pet Tech